Thinking about where you want to host your first website may not seem very complicated. With all of your web pages intact, all you generally need to do is transfer these pages to your host and you should be all set. With many free web hosting services available, there should be no risks as well. However, website hosting providers should be viewed in multiple angles because once you see the need to change website hosting, you may have a difficult time dealing with your site’s downtime and transferring the files from one host to another. This becomes even worse if you are transferring from a paid website hosting package. Carefully look at these key features before making the jump to the website hosting provider.

Available Space

Every website hosting provider gives you some space where you can upload your files. This seems easy because providers usually give you more than enough space to get started. But think about what type of files you will upload and visualize if your space requirements will expand in the future. It is ideal for you to deal with the available space for the next couple of years so you have room to upgrade by then. Take everything into account including graphics, audio files, and the heavy video files.

Bandwidth Allocation

If expect lots of people to access your site, you should figure out if the allocated bandwidth is sufficient. Eigen Email Overlooking this feature can cost your site big when you run out of bandwidth too quickly and need to wait for the remainder of the month as your site stays down. One good way to gauge your bandwidth needs is to get your largest uploaded file and multiply it by the maximum number of people that you expect to download the file. Then multiply that value by the number of large files you have available for download. Then just find a web hosting package that gives slightly more than that and you should be fine.

Site Customization

Webmasters keep their website afloat by making frequent updates whenever necessary. The flexibility of these updates depends on your website provider’s customization options. For starters, you should find a web hosting provider with FTP access so you can quickly upload edits and overwrite older files. FTP access is also important if you plan on letting a third-party manage your updates rather than the hosting provider.

Email Capabilities

One advantage of getting your own website hosting and domain is getting your own private email account that uses the domain name. To put that to good use, you should find a website provider that provides adequate mailbox storage size and enough mailbox accounts for all that are involved with your site.

Scripting Extras

Many websites consist of pure HTML pages but you need to get into scripting if you want your sites to be more dynamic. Making use of languages like PHP and databases like MySQL really add to the interactivity factor of your site. If you have these scripts ready for uploading, you must first check if your hosting provider actually supports these scripting extras.

It is very likely for you to bump into multiple website hosting providers that offer these features. Your final judgment should be based on how well the website hosting provider supports their customers and how well you can track your site’s progress and traffic. Good background research can lead you to the right direction.